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How does BeCloud protect email mailboxes?

No solution is 100% effective because attackers are always changing their techniques, but Becloud puts some key components in place to protect our SecureIT managed service subscribers.

Adaptive protection

We utilize monitoring of multiple security levels to detect issues.  The endpoint protection suite, firewall, email threat protection, and onsite appliances if applicable all play a role in alerting us to zero-day and targeted attacks.  Polymorphic attacks designed to evade common protection solutions are becoming increasingly common.  We utilize machine learning and AI to assist in detection of those kind of attacks.


We utilize protection specifically for email from Microsoft because of its ability to seamlessly integrate.  Also, it brings with it intelligence from attacks pulled from Microsoft's worldwide client base.  Similarly our Fortinet firewalls provides real-time protection from intelligence pulled from a worldwide client base.

Response playbooks

BeCloud constantly adapts our response and prevention mechanism based on what we see in the field.  But, no matter what the threat our response is fast and designed to limit the damage and lateral movement of the threat.


A core component of our strategy to protect customers is to raise user awareness through training.  We offer webinars to train users on what to look out for in suspicious emails.  We also train them on ways to report suspicious emails to us so that we can identify new threat vectors.




James Phipps 17 November, 2021
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