Microsoft Teams Deployment

There are lots of ways you can customize Teams

Becloud utilizes teams internally so we understand all the nuances.


We usually begin a Teams deployment with a pilot.  A pilot allows us to get a few early adopters familiar with features.  Those users can also assist with the planning for different channels etc. for the eventual roll out. 


Chat, channels and teams are the cornerstone of Teams.  Chat lets one or more users share files, talk to each other and meet privately.  Teams can be visible to everyone in the organization or just team members.  Channels ore within teams usually they are used for projects departments or topics.

Meetings and conferencing

Meetings and conferencing allows members inside or outside your team connect for webinar type meetings.  Audio conferencing requires additional setup and fees, but it allows a phone number to be established so that members can dial into meetings using a regular phone by entering a meeting ID.

Client deployment

There are clients that can be installed on Windows, Mac, Linux, or on Android and iOS phones and devices.

Teams training

BeCloud provides training and troubleshooting for all our implementations.

James Phipps 17 November, 2021
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