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There is a lot of information concerning various technologies on the Internet.  A quick google search on any Information Technology topic is sure to reveal quite a bit of free information and even videos.  Honestly, we sometimes use google searches to help when troubleshooting issues for customers. Online research is encouraged and information on how others solved issues can be helpful.  But, we have the experience to back us up. We can quickly sniff out what options apply and what instructions are dangerous.  Albert Einstein said, "The only source of knowledge is experience".

BeCloud experience

One thing that has changed over the years is how Business to Business sales happens.  As mentioned earlier business owners and employees will read reviews, whitepapers and blogs to make purchase decisions.  I encourage that type of research but don't discount the value that BeCloud brings to the table.  We work with several vendors, professionals, technologies and solutions across the United States and as a result we have seen the good, bad and the ugly.  Our engineers and technicians can provide you with real world experience to further enhance and inform technology purchase decisions.  Many times we can offer solutions that might not have come up in your research that fit better into your overall corporate vision and business goals.  It can be frustrating when customers mistake good research with knowledge based experience.  Allow BeCloud the opportunity to save you some heartache and pain when choosing technology solutions by giving us a call before you purchase.

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Our recommendations and solutions are customized based on our understanding of what our customers are looking for instead of sales quotas and commission checks.  Our goal is to bring insight, experience and "extreme value" to your purchase decisions even if you choose not to purchase from us.


James Phipps 8 November, 2021
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