Top 7 AWS services utilized in BeCloud's Cloud Consulting Practice

Cloud technology use is rising, and it is evident that cloud computing is on a fast track to becoming one of the most popular methods of doing business. Amazon Web Services (AWS) was released by Amazon in 2006 and since then, they have been recognized as one of the largest cloud hosting companies in the world. AWS offers services from simple website domains to full-functions infrastructure and compute power for developers. BeCloud AWS consulting services can help you efficiently utilize AWS, no matter what your goal is.

AWS offers an array of services, following is a list of the top 7 AWS services that BeCloud provides consulting and managed services for:

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud

Amazon EC2

This service provides you with computing power on demand. You can start, resize and stop Amazon EC2 instances on demand. They provide you with a broad range of instance types from large memory to GPU enabled instances depending on your need.

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Amazon EBS

Amazon Elastic Block Store

Amazon EBS

This service provides persistent storage that is independent of the life cycle of an instance. You can implement this storage to make frequent changes to your data without worrying about instance failure and your data disappearing. Amazon EBS is ideal for applications that utilize a lot of data coming in and out.

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Amzaon S#

Amazon Simple Storage Service

Amazon S3

This service provides you with object storage and also enables you to control access to your objects. Amazon S3 is ideal for storing any type of application data. This can be images, videos, documents and multimedia.

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Amazon Simple Queue Service

Amazon SQS

This service offers asynchronous message passing between two or more applications. Amazon SQS is used to manage work queues like sending messages from one system to another in real time. You can send messages between the systems using broadcast tasks and subscription tasks respectively.

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AWS Cloudwatch

Amazon CloudWatch

Amazon CloudWatch

This service provides you with real-time data about your resources. This can be used to track instance performance, power usage and system utilization. Amazon CloudWatch is ideal for monitoring applications and resources.

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Amazon Simple Email Service

Amazon SES

This service provides you with email service that is secure, reliable and scalable. Amazon SES is ideal for sending and receiving bulk email from all over the world.

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Amazon Relational Database Service

Amazon RDS

 RDS provides you with a scalable relational database with all the features associated with it. You can use this service to design, maintain, and back up your databases easily. In addition to this pay for your data on an hour-to-hour basis depending on the need of your organization.

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In Conclusion, Amazon Web Services or AWS is an online service created by Amazon that provides a set of cloud computing-based web services for developers, businesses and customers to use as they need it. The cloud hosting market is growing in leaps and bounds and being a part of it will increase your business acumen. AWS is a leader in the cloud hosting industry and if you wish to be counted among the leaders, then BeCloud can help you with all the implementation details.

 We have been providing comprehensive AWS consulting services for many years now and have gained extensive experience in doing so. Our certified technicians are not only well updated with everything related to Amazon Web Services but also will ensure that you avail the best possible service and value from your AWS resource implementations.

James Phipps 15 February, 2022
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