Modern Application Development

Modern application design takes advantage of the cloud in several key areas.  The cloud enables high performance, greater availability and dynamic scalability.  When building applications in the cloud your organization is better suited to take advantage of software development best practices by automating deployment utilizing CloudFormation templates, and rapid development toolsets such as SAM and the AWS Amplify platform.

Benefits of building on AWS

  • Faster time to market
  • Increased rate of innovation
  • More reliable applications
  • Reduced costs

BeCloud ready

Today's businesses demand 24/7 access to corporate data with low latency and shorter project timelines. Becloud engineers find it difficult to engineer modern applications when limited by on-premise hardware. Therefore, in only rare cases of extremely data intensive applications where on-premise cost may offer an advantage over cloud efficiency do we develop on-premise solutions.  Our engineers can usually take advantage of open source technologies and cloud frameworks to reduce the total application lifecycle cost to beat on-premise solution cost.  The efficiency of our software development practices have taken us to the cloud where true scalability, efficiency and modern cloud native tools can be applied to customer challenges and requirements.

Highly secure, durable fully managed applications

Join us to gain cloud benefits!

James Phipps 5 November, 2021
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