Cyber Resiliency
Is your company's data safe?

Increased Remote Work and Cyber-Resiliency

Over the past 24 months, there’s been an increase in remote work versus the old “norm” office setting. The good thing is that businesses are becoming aware of how effective their employees can be remote. Remote work can potentially save business owners thousands of dollars in overhead costs, thank GOODNESS, right?! The downside to moving to remote work is that cybercriminals take advantage of crises to engage in even more attempts to penetrate computer networks and extract data. This is where BeCloud’s Cyber-Resiliency strategy planning comes in. BeCloud’s team can help implement a cyber resilience strategy for your company, which is the core of the company’s ability to stand firm on three critical issues:

• Prepare for adverse circumstances

• Adapt to overcome cyber threats

• Withstand a crisis and recover quickly

Your company can weather an attack with minimal harm if that company can attain the above three events effectively.

Is your data SAFE? Could your company be targeted? 

Due to the increase of remote work, many employers are fighting the virtual bandit war against cybercriminals. The real question is, how do companies who have no experience in facilitating remote work keep their data safe while working remotely? Let’s think about it many people we have met don’t necessarily think about hackers accessing their data daily or weekly. This alone makes your company a target. Many hackers have the upper hand and have realized how companies who aren’t as familiar with keeping their company’s information safe while working from home are, in fact, the easiest targets.

If you answer NO to either of the following questions, please get in touch with BeCloud immediately as your company’s data could be at risk:

1. Are you 100% confident that your critical data and files are backed up? Backups should be tested on a regular basis. Are your backups protected from ransomware?

2. Is your firewall, servers and endpoints being monitored and patched? What about software programs are they up to date?

3. Are your employees trained, updated, and reminded on how to recognize new threats? Do your employees have IT Security Experts on speed dial to ask questions when something comes up?

BeCloud is very experienced in providing Secure Managed IT Services. We make sure that all the above questions and more are handled professionally behind the scenes. By giving you confidence that your infrastructure is protected, BeCloud puts your mind at ease!

James Phipps 25 January, 2022
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